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Bible Rally '23 - Christ Our Chief Shepherd

In our latest Bible Rally, Pastor Ryan Clarke from Watchorn Church led us on an insightful journey to comprehend better Christ's profound beauty and power as our Chief Shepherd. The sermon prompted us to explore the often-overlooked aspects of our faith and to shed light on the reverence of Christ and the Church. The address contemplated how Scripture paints Christ – as our Shepherd, Redeemer, Friend, Safety, and Eternal Hope.

In the quest to understand Christ's supremacy above all, His role as the heir of all things, and the revelation that we were crafted by Him and for Him, we turned to the wise teachings of Paul the Apostle and the author of Hebrews. This exploration stirred an awareness that we may often become passive or even apathetic in our faith, taking the familiar aspects of our lives for granted.

The sermon urged us to reignite our appreciation for Christ and all He represents. It called on us to gaze upon His glory, allow His love to fill and inspire us, and recognize the gravity of His sacrifice - purchasing our salvation with His own blood.

We also considered the depth of our friendship with Christ. The comforting words of Psalm 121 reminded us of the Lord’s protection and the assurance that our help comes from Him, the Lord, the maker of the heavens and the earth. We were encouraged to look to Christ, our Chief Shepherd, for help and hope rather than solely relying on our pastors. Delving into our intimate and deep friendship with Jesus, our Keeper and Fortress, brought comfort and joy in life's trials.

The sermon concluded by reflecting on Christ’s eternal promise, a great love that He will never give us a stone when we ask Him for bread. This challenging sermon challenged our understanding, deepened our faith, and reinforced our connection with Christ as our Shepherd.

We were reminded that in the trials and tribulations of life, it is Christ who guides us, protects us, and provides for us.

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